Jayden tang

Born in a town called Zhuzhou in China, Jayden had a normal and a bit lonely childhood as the only child in the family. When he went to secondary school at age 12, he was introduced to a painting club via his friend’s older sister. First time in Jayden’s life, He saw replica of sculptures such as Michelangelo’s David. It opened a total new world to him. He was fascinated by the beauty of those sculptures and paintings. He joined the club immediately with excitement. He drew and painted almost everyday in the next six years in secondary school. That was Jayden’s best time and memory before adulthood. 

At the age of 18 Jayden moved to Beijing following his admission to University. He brought with him a Chinese made 135mm SLR film camera called Seagull and started to shoot from the first day on his arrival. He won a photography award in a university competition in the first year and that encouraged him to learn more and keep shooting through his time in university. 

After graduating from university, Jayden found interest in fashion photography and assisted one of the first fashion photographers in China for a short period of time. Confused by his direction Jayden was away from photography for a while but in 2006 Jayden decided to focus on photography full time. He took up courses, assisted a few best fashion photographers in China at that time and shot editorials for magazines and fashion brands during that period before He was admitted in the University of the Arts London for a MA course of Fashion Photography in 2009. 

Moving to London opened a new creative world to Jayden. The English name Jayden was also given by himself upon arrival in UK. He was inspired by all kinds of knowledge and experience in London, from browsing the Vogue magazines in the 50’s in the university library, to visiting exhibitions and shows, and etc. Everything was learning and happy experience. in 2011, Soon after graduation, Jayden got opportunity to assist Solve Sundsbo and also worked on post production of Alexander McQueen’s book Savage Beauty. He also kept shooting whenever he got an idea. 

In 2012, Jayden won the Sony World Photography Awards (professional competition) and had his work exhibited along with other winners in Somerset House. From the same year, he started his first studio in London and continued his creative journey. 

Over the years, His signature look has attracted global publications such as Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, Vision, Fiasco, etc. Jayden also worked with renowned fashion brands such as Dior Jewellery, Vicutu, etc.

From 2018, Jayden started to shoot more for his personal project, such as his work of his wife’s second pregnancy. 

On and off photography in the past many years, Jayden still can’t give up the excitement and joy of photographic creativity. He is now on the journey to discover more of his visual language.